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Version: 2.xx.xx


useLogin calls login method from authProvider under the hood.
It authenticates the app if login method from authProvider resolves and if it rejects shows an error notification. After successful authentication it redirects the app to root.

It returns the result of react-query's useMutation.

Data that is resolved from login will be returned as the data in the query result.


Normally refine provides a default login page. If you prefer to use this default login page, there is no need to handle login flow manually.
If we want to build a custom login page instead of default one that comes with refine, useLogin can be used like this:

import { useLogin, Form } from "@pankod/refine";

type LoginVariables = {
username: string;
password: string;

export const LoginPage = () => {
const { mutate: login } = useLogin<LoginVariables>();

const onSubmit = (values: LoginVariables) => {

return (
<Form onFinish={onSubmit}>
// rest of the login form

mutate acquired from useLogin can accept any kind of object for values since login method from authProvider doesn't have a restriction on its parameters.
A type parameter for the values can be provided to useLogin.

const { mutate: login } = useLogin<{ username: string; password: string; }>();

This hook can only be used if authProvider is provided.