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Version: 2.xx.xx


We follow a code of conduct when participating in the community. Please read it before you make any contributions.

  • If you plan to work on an issue, mention so in the issue page before you start working on it.
  • If you plan to work on a new feature, create an issue and discuss it with other community members/maintainers.
  • Ask for help in our community room.

Running in development mode

node version 14 is required.

This project has multiple packages and uses Lerna to manage packages under packages/.

First, install dependencies:

npm install

From now on, depending on the packages you plan to work on, (they are located under packages/ and examples/ directories - see lerna.json) you will need to bootstrap them and start them in watch mode. Instead of running lerna bootstrap directly, read on to see how refine team handles it.

Refer to lerna docs to learn more about it.

Refer to lerna docs to learn more about lerna bootstrap.

Starting the packages you work in watch mode

You can either bootstrap all packages or only the packages you plan to work on.

To bootstrap all packages (all packages under /examples and under /packages whose names start with @pankod/refine*), you should run:

npm run bootstrap

To bootstrap the specific packages/examples only (all packages under /packages whose names start with @pankod/refine* and specified packages):

npm run bootstrap -- --scope refine-use-select-example

Refer to lerna docs to learn more about scope flag.

npm run bootstrap command bootstraps all packages whose name start with @pankod/refine* and all packages under /examples. If you add filters with --scope flag, you can avoid bootstrapping all packages under /examples.

At this point, all/required packages are bootstrapped. Now you can start the packages you plan to work on in development mode. If you don't want to start all packages in development mode, you should filter them:

npm run build
npm run start -- --scope @pankod/refine --scope refine-use-select-example

If you run npm run start command without scope flag, it attempts to start all packages (in /packages and /examples) in development mode.

This command starts the example named refine-use-select-example in dev mode. The value of the flag --scope is the name that is defined in it's package.json file. Note that --scope flag should be used for every package that should be filtered. If you should start two packages:

Now all filtered packages are running in watch mode. They should re-compile when you make a change in any of them.

Starting documentation in watch mode

Our documentation is built with Docusaurus. To start it in development mode, run:

cd documentation
npm install
npm run start

Running tests

npm run test command runs tests for all packages. If you're working on a package (e.g. /packages/core), you can run tests only for that package:

cd packages/core
npm run test

Or you can do it for a specific file:

npm run test -- /src/hooks/export/index.spec.ts

Also, to run a specific file's tests in watch mode:

npm run test -- --watch /src/hooks/export/index.spec.ts

Get coverage report for that file:

npm run test -- --coverage /src/hooks/export/index.spec.ts

When you run the command that produces coverage report, go to /coverage/lcov-report/index.html file to see coverage results. If you run this command in /packages/core directory, then coverage report will be generated in /packages/core/coverage.

Please make sure you contribute well tested code.

Known Issues

  • If the interface changes are not reflected in the project when the interface changes under the packages, delete the dist folder in the project and try again.