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Version: 4.xx.xx


<Authenticated> is the component form of useIsAuthenticated.

It internally uses useIsAuthenticated's return values (data.authenticated, data.error, and, isLoading) to provide its functionality.


  • data.authenticated is true, it renders to children.
  • data.authenticated is false, it renders fallback prop if provided. Otherwise, it redirects to data.redirectTo page.
  • isLoading is true, it renders loading prop.

You may want to use this component when rendering a page that requires authentication. You will be able to render a fallback or redirect to an authentication page depending on your case. Authenticated can also be used to render a conditional content based on the user's authentication status.

Basic Usage​

import { Authenticated } from "@refinedev/core";

const MyPage = () => (
<YourComponent />



The path to redirect to if the user is not logged in. If left empty, the user will be redirected to the redirectTo property of the check function of the AuthProvider.


This property only works if the fallback prop is not provided.


If true, the current path will be appended to the to query parameter. This is useful when you want to redirect the user to the page they were trying to access after they log in.


Component to render if the user is not logged in. If undefined, the page will be redirected to /login.

<Authenticated fallback={<div>You cannot access this section</div>}>
<YourComponent />


Component to render while checking whether the user is logged in.

<Authenticated loading={<div>loading...</div>}>
<YourComponent />

API Reference​