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Version: 4.xx.xx

5. Adding Delete Feature

Adding Delete Feature to List Page

<DeleteButton/> is a refine component that is used for deleting records. When you click on the delete button, it will show a confirmation modal and delete the record upon confirmation. To add it to the "blog_posts" table:

  1. Open the src/pages/blog-posts/list.tsx file on your editor.

  2. Import the <DeleteButton/> component from @refinedev/mui:

    import { DeleteButton } from "@refinedev/mui";
  3. Add the <DeleteButton/> component to the actions column of the table as shown below:

    field: "actions",
    headerName: "Actions",
    renderCell: function render({ row }) {
    return (
    <EditButton hideText recordItemId={} />
    <ShowButton hideText recordItemId={} />
    <DeleteButton hideText recordItemId={} />
    align: "center",
    headerAlign: "center",
    minWidth: 80,

You can now delete a record from the list page by clicking on the delete button of any blog post.

For more information, refer to the <DeleteButton/> documentation

Enabling the Delete Feature on Show and Edit Pages

We can enable the delete feature on both show and edit pages while we are defining a resource by setting the canDelete property in the meta to true as shown below:

import { Refine } from "@refinedev/core";
import {
} from "@refinedev/mui";
import { CssBaseline, GlobalStyles, ThemeProvider } from "@mui/material";
import routerBindings from "@refinedev/react-router-v6";
import dataProvider from "@refinedev/simple-rest";

import { BrowserRouter, Routes, Route, Outlet } from "react-router-dom";

import { BlogPostList } from "pages/blog-posts/list";
import { BlogPostEdit } from "pages/blog-posts/edit";
import { BlogPostShow } from "pages/blog-posts/show";
import { BlogPostCreate } from "pages/blog-posts/create";

const App: React.FC = () => {
return (
<ThemeProvider theme={LightTheme}>
<CssBaseline />
<GlobalStyles styles={{ html: { WebkitFontSmoothing: "auto" } }} />
name: "blog_posts",
list: "/blog-posts",
show: "/blog-posts/show/:id",
create: "/blog-posts/create",
edit: "/blog-posts/edit/:id",
meta: {
canDelete: true,
{/* ... */}
export default App;

After setting the canDelete property in meta to true, you will see a delete button on both show and edit pages.

For more information, refer to the canDelete section of the <Refine/> documentation


You can also use useDelete hook provided by refine to delete a record.

For more information, refer to the useDelete documentation