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Gravity Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., builds tailored web applications based on clients’ needs.
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Dipesh Bajgain

Thank you refine team for creating such a wonderful project. I can surely say that if there wasn’t refine then the same project I have built would take me more than a month and there would be the involvement of maybe 2 or 3 individuals. Best wishes to the refine team.

Before you found refine, what problems were you facing?

State management in react and also creating an admin panel from scratch every time we start a project.

Which alternatives did you stay between and continue with refine?

At first, I knew about react admin to create a dashboard and gave it a try. But rather than solving my problem efficiently, it took me longer to understand the framework.

Which features and integrations have you been using and why?

I am using Ant Design with refine for creating a dashboard as Ant Design doesn’t have any paid plan for their data table as of MUI. And also without having to write any CSS I have created a beautiful and stunning dashboard with no time just using the refine-antd package provided by refine team.

What aspects of refine do you like and dislike?

The aspect I like most is refine being headless by design. And also the documentation is very well structured with all sorts of example a user need. The most I like about refine is the amazing refine community on discord where we get help instantly whenever we are stuck with a problem, thanks to the awesome refine team.

We are very happy to see how people are building great things with refine. Share your use-case to get listed on the showcase page and receive $100 Amazon Gift card.