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Raphael Martinez
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Enterprise software development

2 months was the estimate for delivery of the dashboard without refine, we reduced this time to 3 weeks. Thanks to refine this project managed to be developed in record time.

A brief description:

We have developed a system for quoting/purchasing products for a logistics company in Paraguay, the operator performs the purchase request for parts for vehicles, machines or administrative items.

The purchasing department quotes items from suppliers accredited in the company. After the quotation, the person responsible for the purchase approves the quotation with the best cost/benefit. After approval, a purchase order is generated for the supplier.

For the making of the video, the use of the test/homologation database was not approved by the client, so we created a database and co-opted it especially to send the video.

The system currently has +40 cruds that incorporate robust accounting for generating accounting, expense and administrative reports.

Thanks to refine this project managed to be developed in record time.

How many people use refine in your organization, and what factors influenced your decision to use refine?

We are using refine on 2 projects for large enterprise customers.

The use came after analyzing the time/cost that would be dealt with to create an administrative panel from scratch containing internationalization, graphql, authentication and mainly cruds.

One of our projects, which you can see in video, was developed for a logistics company, they wanted a software that managed the entire process of purchasing materials, from the request in the operational sector, quotation of the item by the administrator and purchase by the sector. responsible.

Only in the initial planning, 35 tables were designed that would have to be CRUDS in the dashboard, refine met all this demand with extreme excellence.

Which alternatives did you stay between and continue with refine?

We initially considered using React Admin - but the paid features and the learning curve declined.

We know how to refine it through advertisements and when we get to know it on the site and test it following the tutorial, we fell in love.

How much time did you estimate the project would require without using refine?

2 months was the estimate for delivery of the dashboard without refinement, we reduced this time to 3 weeks.

During the development of the project with refine I had many doubts and refine team helped me a lot on their discord server, I am very grateful and hope to reciprocate in some way.

We are very happy to see how people are building great things with refine. Share your use-case to get listed on the showcase page and receive $100 Amazon Gift card.