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🧙‍♂️ refine grants your wishes! Please give us a ⭐️ on GitHub to keep the magic going.

We're helping organizations to build better web applications, in less time, with fewer resources.

Shortly after its initial release on September 2021, refine has gained attraction of open-source community and has become increasingly popular among web application frameworks.

With the aim of sustaining the growth and expanding the user base, the project was backed by prominent VC’s and angel investors on May 2022.

Today, the US-based company has an international team of 10+ members leading the development of the open-core and building new products for the ecosystem.

Open-source contributions have always been a major part of refine’s success.

We are grateful for all contributors who are developing core features, making bug-fixes, building community extensions, writing documentation, reporting issues and giving their constructive feedback.

Our Team

Civan ÖzseyhanCivan ÖzseyhanCo-FounderCEO
Ömer AplakÖmer AplakCo-FounderCTO
Eren ErkalkanEren ErkalkanCo-FounderHead of Product
Batuhan Özgür ÖzdemirBatuhan Özgür ÖzdemirTech Lead
Ali Emir ŞenAli Emir ŞenFrontend Team Lead
Yıldıray ÜnlüYıldıray ÜnlüBackend Team Lead
Salih ÖzdemirSalih ÖzdemirSoftware Developer
Alican ErdurmazAlican ErdurmazSoftware Developer
Necati OzmenNecati OzmenHead of Growth
Recep KütükRecep KütükSenior Product Designer

Backed by

Y Combinator
500 Emerging Europe
Emre BaranEmre BaranCEO & Co-founder at CerbosExpert-in-Residence at Seedcamp
Burak Emre KabakçıBurak Emre KabakçıStaff SWE @ LiveRamp Maker
Piotr KarwatkaPiotr KarwatkaCo-founder @ Catch The TornadoBusiness Angel investor
Aksel KastoryanoAksel KastoryanoEntrepreneur - Investor

We are Here

256 Chapman Road STE 105-4
Newark, DE 19702