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Refine Investment Announcement
2 min read

Refine Investment Announcement

We're excited to share that Refine has successfully closed a $2.8M seed round.🎉

This milestone further demonstrates Refine's commitment to supporting open source while also developing the commercial Refine product for large enterprise organizations.

The seed round, supported by investors such as Senovo, 500 Emerging Europe, Palmdrive Capital, 8vdx, STONKS, in addition to influential angel investors like David J. Phillips and Theo Brown, advances our efforts in bringing Refine to the forefront of enterprise adoption.

With Refine, developers enjoy a sweet spot between low-code solutions and starting from scratch, making it ideal for building CRUD-heavy applications like admin panels, dashboards, and internal tools. Our platform offers flexibility without compromising on speed or control.

Alongside its recently announced Enterprise Edition in recent months, Refine is focused on solving complex challenges for large enterprises, especially in internal tooling projects. With over 5,000 companies using Refine and more than 10,000 projects built with it in production, its impact is growing every day among developers.

With 25,000 GitHub stars and an active community of 20,000 monthly active developers, Refine has already established itself as a trusted platform in the open-source community. Now, it looks forward to continuing its journey and empowering enterprises to build robust applications efficiently.

The closing of our seed round marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for Refine. With newfound momentum, we're super motivated to continue our journey in the world of software development, aiming to contribute to innovation and transformation every step of the way.

For further inquiries or to learn more about Refine, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.