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Multitenancy App with Strapi

Multitenancy App with Strapi
React Platform
UI Framework
Ant Design
Data Provider
Auth Provider
Run on your local
npm create refine-app@latest -- --example multi-tenancy-strapi


Multitenancy is a design approach where a single software instance on a server provides services to multiple clients at the same time. This CRUD app template is an excellent example of implementing multitenant architecture in Refine applications. It connects to a Strapi API using a Strapi data provider and features a user interface developed with Ant Design, which is natively supported by Refine.

This template was developed to demonstrate how the Refine framework can simplify and expedite the development of apps with enterprise-level needs. It's a valuable resource that offers insights into Refine's best practices and modern development techniques.

The source code of this multitenancy app is open-source, allowing you to use or inspect it to see how Refine can fulfill enterprise-grade application requirements.