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Invoice Generator - Internal Tool

Invoice Generator - Internal Tool
React Platform
UI Framework
Ant Design
Data Provider
Auth Provider
Run on your local
npm create refine-app@latest -- --example invoicer


The Invoicer is a template for an internal tool, integrating Refine, Strapi, and Ant Design technologies. It's designed for users to manage account registrations, client additions, and invoice issuance. A standout feature of this app is its ability to generate PDF invoices, enabling the creation of professional documents.

With its PDF generation feature, this open-source internal tool template is ideal for understanding Refine's capabilities. The app uses Strapi for data management, connecting through a Strapi data provider. Its interface is crafted using Ant Design, supported natively by Refine for a seamless UI experience.

We built this template to showcase the efficiency and ease of using the Refine framework in development along with third-party API management tools. It is a valuable resource, offering insights into Refine's best practices and modern development techniques. Being production-ready, this template can serve as a solid base for developing your own React-based internal tools, or it can be used as-is for immediate implementation.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive CRUD Operations: The app supports CRUD functionalities for companies, clients, contacts, missions, and invoices.
  • Authentication and Authorization: Implements secure user authentication and role-based permissions using Refine's authProvider.
  • PDF Invoice Generation: Includes the capability to generate and view PDF documents of invoices using the native browser print feature.