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Stay tuned all week and learn the basics of creating a React PDF Invoice Generator app via refine & Strapi in a week.

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10th April 2023
DAY 1: Pilot & refine architecture
Overview about refine and Strapi the app we built during the article series.
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11th April 2023
DAY 2: Setting Up the Invoicer App
We start with setting up the Invoicer app using by choosing Ant Design as a UI framework and Strapi as a dataprovider
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12th April 2023
DAY 3: Adding CRUD Actions & Views
We leverage the Strapi dataProvider methods to implement CRUD operations for companies, clients and contacts resources. and user authentication using Strapi.
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13th April 2023
DAY 4: Creating Mission and Invoices Pages
We add more CRUD views to the PDF Invoice Generator app we have been building using refine and Strapi last few days.
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14th April 2023
DAY 5: Adding PDF Renderer
We come past the refine features and add a pdf renderer to display our invoices in a PDF screen.
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