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refine Joins the Hacktoberfest Fun
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refine Joins the Hacktoberfest Fun

Refine ❤️ Hacktoberfest

This year, for the first time, Refine is excited to participate in Hacktoberfest! If you're not familiar with it, Hacktoberfest is a month-long event that encourages developers from all backgrounds to contribute to open source projects. It's a great opportunity for beginners to get started in coding and for experienced developers to share their knowledge. If you're interested in participating, check out the Hacktoberfest website for more information.

We've already labeled a bunch of Refine issues with hacktoberfest so you can start hunting right away. The list includes easy ones to get familiar with Refine, but we've also got more difficult ones for experienced developers:


Participating is not only fun, but you can also win prizes by taking part. If one of your PR's is merged to core framework, you'll be rewarded with a stylish Refine t-shirt . In case you've got 2+ PR's merged, we'll send you a complete Refine SWAG Kit, incl.t-shirt, cap & bottle

Happy coding to everyone!