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refine swag store is now open!
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refine swag store is now open!

Today, we are delighted to respond to one of the most often asked questions we have received since the Refine project reached a certain size: "Yes, we do have a swag store." πŸ’ͺ

The Refine swag store is now open for those who enjoy this open source project.

For now, it may appear like there are only a few things available. But don't worry, we're really working on it. Hope you will understand because we are relatively newbies to this swag business. To be honest, most of our team members have a lot of experience in collecting these tees, but this is our first time distributing 😁.

As is clear from the last sentence, gifting is the fundamental goal of our swag strategy. So, for us, this will be a way to say thank you to people who have made meaningful contributions to Refine. Of course, special thanks in advance to those who want to support us by also purchasing products from here :).


We have included shipping costs in the prices of the products to make it easier to reach customers all over the world and to simplify the task. We're sure you all already guessed that we didn't open this shop with the intention of making a profit. Any surplus made will be given to other open-source projects. Because of Refine ❀️ Opensource.

We had two options when it came to building this shop. The first option was to deploy a ready-made solution like Shopify, and the second was to create a custom solution. During this process, we met with the super-friendly team of Medusajs, and we decided that the solution offered by Medusajs fit us quite well.

The idea of ​​using it as a use case scenario for Refine community also sounded very attractive to us. By integrating Refine with Vercel's Next.js e-commerce and Medusajs's e-commerce examples, we were able to build a complete e-commerce solution. We would like to express our thanks to the Medusajs and Vercel e-commerce teams for their inspiring works.

As we've already stated, the main objective of our swag strategy is gifting. In other words, we'd want to offer our products to those who consistently support us in the methods listed below.

πŸ“š Creating Refine related content like blog posts, articles, tutorial videos, etc.
🐞 Finding and reporting problems in our software while also helping in their solution.
πŸ‘ Supporting us on social media with your likes, shares, and comments.
☝️ Participating in and responding to discussions on GitHub, Discord, Reddit, and Twitter.
✍️ Contributing to our open source libraries.
πŸ”ƒ Creating pull requests on GitHub.

Of course, this is not a strict list. Please be assured that we will make our best effort to identify the members of the community engaging in our project this way.

For the launch of our swag store, we have prepared special gifts for our social media followers who like and share our content.

We have 10 gift checks ready to go. To double your chances of winning, don't forget to join our Discord server and follow us on Reddit too.



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