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refine Hackaton Winners
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refine Hackaton Winners

To all the participants of the Refine Hackathon, congratulations! The hackathon has officially ended, and we were impressed with the remarkable results. With so many outstanding submissions, selecting just three winners was a daunting task.

We would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors - Strapi, Appwrite, Meilisearch, and Medusa, for partnering with us to make this hackathon a success. The event ran from January 23 to February 23, 2023, and we are delighted to see that everyone enjoyed participating, as evidenced by the fantastic submissions we received.

We would like to thank all the participants who took part in this hackathon. After careful consideration, we have finally identified our winners.

Best Overall Project

react hackathon

Refine XR

refine-XR is a CRUD-based management system that enables users to manage 3D assets and create web-based XR applications without requiring any programming expertise.

The system comprises a 3D viewer within the admin dashboard, enabling users to configure WebXR experiences using various input options. Additionally, users can directly publish their experiences within the system.

Author: HiuKim Yuen GitHub: RefineXR Prize: $1500 + Refine, Strapi, Appwrite, MeiliSearch, and Medusa Swag kits!

Most Technically Impressive

react hackathon


This Refine CRUD application is designed to be simple with the key objective being speedily planning a trip. Users can input the name of their journey, general information such as dates, and preferred mode of transportation.

The second step is to select the stops on the trip, with the aid of Google Maps API. The system automatically generates a list of routes with corresponding distances and durations for quick review.

Author: Federico Bassini GitHub: JourneyLog Prize: $300 + Refine, Strapi, Appwrite, MeiliSearch, and Medusa Swag kits!

Most Visually Pleasing

react hackathon


Revolutionize your meal planning and enjoy eating again with MealMind, the open-source app for people with picky eating habits and ADHD.

Author: Katya Sarmiento GitHub: Meal Mind Prize: $300 + Refine, Strapi, Appwrite, MeiliSearch, and Medusa Swag kits!

Special thanks

We will be giving away the Refine swag kit to projects that we did not award, but which we truly appreciate.

Here are the Refine swag kit winners:

  • SnipSnap - A one-stop platform for users to save all their important coding snippets at one place so that they can refer to them later. It is integrated with overall CRUD functionality.
  • Dashed Streaks - Dashed Streaks tracks your progress as you try to spell out the desired phrase and keeps you informed of the upcoming schedule.
  • refine-sunday - A tool that allows users to place built-in or custom components within a grid design meant for websites they want to create