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Stay tuned all week and learn the basics of creating a CRUD app via refine & supabase on a fun project in a week.

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30th October 2022
DAY 1: Pilot & refine architecture
Overview about refine and the app we built during the article series
30th October 2022
DAY 2: Installation of the Client App
Bootstraping the refine client app with superplate CLI by choosing Ant Design as a UI framework and Supabase as a dataprovider
30th October 2022
DAY 3: Create Public Dashboard page & Canvas create page
Public dashboard that lists all canvases and has two pages.
30th October 2022
DAY 4: Live Provider
Adding Supabase as live provider to the project in order that multiple users drawing on the same canvas can see each other's paintings in real-time.
30th October 2022
DAY 5: Create admin app
We’ll built a simple admin panel by bootstrapping the app with superplate CLI
UI Framework => Ant design
data provider => Supabase
30th October 2022
DAY 6: Setting Access control provider to admin app
There will be two role based access control in the admin app:
Admin & Editor
30th October 2022
DAY 7: Audit log provider
Well record each canvas creation and pixel drawings to audit logs table in Supabase. And then we’ll be able to display this logs on the admin and the client app.

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If you build something cool during refine WEEK, we’d like to show our appreciation! Build and submit your coolest projects powered by refine. To be eligible, share your project on Twitter with the hashtag #refineweek and submit a PR to get your project added to our repo!