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Refine technical blog - a resource for Refine, front-end ecosystem, and web development. Here, we publish insightful articles that demystify complex concepts, explore new trends, and provide helpful tips to enhance your coding journey.

Kubernetes pod logs show container operations and events in real-time. Containers in Kubernetes pods log their stdout and stderr streams. Debugging and monitoring Kubernetes cluster applications requires these logs.
Crontab is a powerful scheduling tool in Unix-like systems. This article provides a comprehensive guide on using crontab, covering the basics of creating a crontab, setting up environment variables, scheduling jobs, and error handling.
Kubectl scale is a powerful command that allows you to scale your Kubernetes resources. This article will explore different scenarios to scale your Kubernetes replica/nodes.
This post depicts a general picture of where web development is headed in 2024 with a focus on the Node.js/React ecosystem - and provides an inside-out report on how Refine.js is starting to make an impact as a React-based meta-framework.