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Announcing the Refine Open Source Hackathon 2 Winners
6 min read

Announcing the Refine Open Source Hackathon 2 Winners

🎉 Congratulations to all the participants of Refine Open Source Hackathon #2!

The hackathon has officially wrapped up, and we're seriously blown away by the incredible results you've achieved. Picking the winners from all the outstanding submissions was quite a challenge!

A big shoutout to our awesome sponsors - Supabase and MUI! Thanks for teaming up with us to make this hackathon a massive hit.

🥳 To all the participants, you're all superstars!

After much consideration, we're thrilled to announce the well-deserved winners who really stood out from the crowd.

Let's celebrate their success together!

⭐ Best Overall Project​

docker volume

Refine Native​

Refine Native, the empowering library for Refine, opens up a world of possibilities for creating cross-platform apps. You can build web and native crud apps 3x faster by leveraging the power of React Native and refine.

Inside this project, you'll discover two awesome libraries: @refinenative/expo-router and @refinenative/react-native-paper. The first one seamlessly integrates Refine with your expo-router project, while the second one provides handy components built with react-native-paper, speeding up the creation of CRUD pages.

Author: Abdellah - GitHub Repo - Project Details
Prize: $1000 + Refine, Supabase, MUI Swag kits, $300 USD credit to the DEV Shop!

⭐ Most Technically Impressive​

docker volume


Introducing Supaheroes, the AI-powered platform that crafts character biographies from your favorite games, comics, and movies. Unleash the power of AI to bring your beloved characters to life!

Author: Luis - GitHub Repo - Project Details
Prize: $1000 + Refine, Supabase, MUI Swag kits, $300 USD credit to the DEV Shop!

⭐ Most Visually Pleasing​

docker volume

TripStash: Travel planning tool​

TripStash is designed to help users plan their trips efficiently and easily. Collaborate seamlessly, plan effortlessly, and manage your trips like never before—all in one place.

Creating a project, inviting travel companions, and building a shared itinerary for accommodation, flights, sightseeing, dining, and more is a breeze! Travel planning has never been this easy.

Authors: Brinda - Akshay - Rahul - GitHub Repo - Project Details
Prize: $1000 + Refine, Supabase, MUI Swag kits, $300 USD credit to the DEV Shop!

⭐ Best Project Using Supabase​

docker volume

Anisong: Anime playlist creator​

Anisong, a web app that lets you curate personalized playlists filled with the most captivating opening and ending theme songs from your beloved anime series. Enjoy the perfect anime soundtrack tailored just for you!

Author: Darius Pasca - GitHub Repo - Project Details
Prize: $1000 + Refine, Supabase, MUI Swag kits, $300 USD credit to the DEV Shop!

⭐ Best Project Using Material UI​

docker volume

RSVQuick: Online Invitation App​

RSVP Plus, your one-stop solution for creating and sending personalized online RSVP invitations with optional surveys and questions to gather valuable insights from your potential attendees in no time!

Author: Ansell Maximilian - GitHub Repo - Project Details
Prize: $1000 + Refine, Supabase, MUI Swag kits, $300 USD credit to the DEV Shop!

👼 Runners-Up, in random order!​

All runner-ups will get $250 USD + Special Swag Kits from Refine + $150 USD credit to the DEV Shop

Prompteer - AI Prompts & Engaging comments​

A prompt sharing platform where users can share their AI prompts and receive comments

Author: Mateus Abelli - GitHub Repo - Project Details

Managify: Manage Your Teams Easily​

A real-time collaboration platform with team management, task tracking, and chat features.

Author: Rasir Colakel - GitHub Repo - Project Details

Rapply: The All-In-One Job Hunting Assistant​

Rapply aims to simplify and streamline the job search journey by offering a comprehensive solution that combines an Application Tracker, Personalized Cover Letter Generator, and Resume Builder.

Author: Mahir Mahdi - GitHub Repo - Project Details

Competee: An online competition platform​

The platform enables individuals to host their competitions, providing opportunities for others to participate and showcase their abilities.

Author: Alex - GitHub Repo - Project Details

Librify - Modern Library Management​

The system enables librarians to add, modify, and remove books from the library catalog.

Author: Joel Janison - GitHub Repo - Project Details

Dev-Gym - Test your skills with AI assistance​

Dev-Gym is a testing platform with a hacker-inspired design, designed to assist programmers in refining their skills using AI-powered hints.

Author: Pawel Ciosek - GitHub Repo - Project Details

Stream discovery - find a streamer​

With Stream Discovery, you can easily discover, create, and rate Twitch streamers to enhance your streaming experience!

Author: Ondra Šimanovský - GitHub Repo - Project Details

GTFC: Municipality's Monitoring​

This platform is a product of the LOG (Local Open GovLab) project, which is an innovative initiative under the AfricTivists Strategic Program. Its primary goal is to support, empower, train, and assist local administrations in incorporating digital tools for budget transparency, open and inclusive governance, information accessibility, and collaborative citizen engagement.

Author: NioulBoy - GitHub Repo - Project Details

Keronote UI: Create Animations​

A simple, but fun animated canvas, with several tools and others features in web.

Author: Media-Collab- GitHub Repo - Project Details


A library that tracks the analytics of your react-website. Easy to use with a single line of code.

Author: Jatin Rawat - GitHub Repo - Project Details

 🎟️ Hackathon Participant Ticket Raffle Winners​

Below are the raffle winners who generated hackathon participant tickets. The prizes include a Refine cap and coaster set.