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Version: 3.xx.xx

Custom Layout

You can create custom layouts using <Refine> and <LayoutWrapper> components.

Both of these components can accept the listed props for customization. <Refine> is for global customization and the <LayoutWrapper> is for local.



To make this example more visual, we used the @pankod/refine-antd package. If you are using Refine headless, you need to provide the components, hooks, or helpers imported from the @pankod/refine-antd package.

Let's look at an example of modifying the default layout to have a top menu layout.

import { Refine } from "@pankod/refine-core";
import {
} from "@pankod/refine-antd";
import routerProvider from "@pankod/refine-react-router-v6";
import dataProvider from "@pankod/refine-simple-rest";

import "@pankod/refine-antd/dist/reset.css";

import { PostList } from "pages/posts";
import { CustomSider } from "components";

const { Link } = routerProvider;

const API_URL = "";

const App: React.FC = () => {
return (
Layout={({ children, Footer, OffLayoutArea }) => (
<CustomSider />
<div style={{ padding: 24, minHeight: 360 }}>{children}</div>
{Footer && <Footer />}
{OffLayoutArea && <OffLayoutArea />}
Title={() => (
<Link to="/" style={{ float: "left", marginRight: "10px" }}>
<img src="/refine.svg" alt="Refine" />
catchAll={<ErrorComponent />}

export default App;

Here, we override the <Title> and <Layout> components. When we override <Layout>, we put the <CustomSider> (instead of the <Sider> that was provided to <Layout> to render it by default) on top of <AntdLayout>.

So, we just provided a custom <Sider>. Here's our custom sider that looks horizontal, instead of the default vertical one:

import { useTitle, useMenu } from "@pankod/refine-core";
import { Menu } from "@pankod/refine-antd";
import routerProvider from "@pankod/refine-react-router-v6";

const { Link } = routerProvider;

export const CustomSider: React.FC = () => {
const Title = useTitle();
const { menuItems, selectedKey } = useMenu();

return (
{Title && <Title collapsed={false} />}
<Menu selectedKeys={[selectedKey]} mode="horizontal">
{{ icon, route, label }) => (
<Menu.Item key={route} icon={icon}>
<Link to={route ?? ""}>{label}</Link>

Here, we use useMenu hook to get the list of current resources and print it.


By default, <Sider> is responsible for rendering <Title>. It gets this component (configured by <Refine> and/or <LayoutWrapper>) by useTitle hook.


This example demonstrated how to configure a global layout. To learn how to use global layout in custom pages and make local modifications per page, refer to the <LayoutWrapper> docs.


Here's how it looks in the end:

Run on your local
npm create refine-app@latest -- --example customization-top-menu-layout