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Version: 3.xx.xx
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useApiUrl is a React hook that returns the API URL.

  • It uses the getApiUrl method to get the API URL from the dataProvider.

It is useful when you want to use the API URL in your custom hooks.


The useApiUrl hook does not expect any parameter. It will run the getApiUrl method from the dataProvider and return the result.

import { useCustom, useApiUrl } from "@pankod/refine-core";

interface PostUniqueCheckResponse {
isAvailable: boolean;

const apiUrl = useApiUrl();

const { data, isLoading } = useCustom<PostUniqueCheckResponse>({
url: `${apiUrl}/posts-unique-check`,
method: "get",
config: {
query: {
title: "Foo bar",


Return value

API URLstring