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Version: 4.xx.xx
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Refine provides a data provider for Airtable, a spreadsheet-database hybrid, to build CRUD applications.

Good to know:
  • @refinedev/airtable uses API Tokens to authenticate requests. Personal access tokens of Airtable is currently not supported.
  • This integration uses Airtable.js to handle the requests.
  • To learn more about data fetching in Refine, check out the Data Fetching guide.


npm i @refinedev/airtable


First, we'll obtain the API_TOKEN and BASE_ID from our Airtable account. Then, we'll pass these values to the dataProvider function.

import Refine from "@refinedev/core";
import dataProvider from "@refinedev/airtable";

const App = () => (
dataProvider={dataProvider("<API_TOKEN>", "<BASE_ID>")}
{/* ... */}


Run on your local
npm create refine-app@latest -- --example data-provider-airtable