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Version: 4.xx.xx

React Hook Form
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Refine provides an integration package for React Hook Form library. This package enables you to manage your forms in a headless manner. This adapter supports all of the features of both React Hook Form and Refine's useForm hook. Simply, you can use any of the React Hook Form examples as-is by copying and pasting them into your project.

This package exports following hooks to manage your forms:


Install the @refinedev/react-hook-form library.

npm i @refinedev/react-hook-form


Let's see how to edit a post with useForm hook.

import { HttpError } from "@refinedev/core";
import { useForm } from "@refinedev/react-hook-form";

export const PostEdit = () => {
const {
refineCore: { onFinish, formLoading, queryResult },
formState: { errors },
} = useForm<IPost, HttpError>({
resource: "posts",
action: "edit",
id: 1,

return (
<form onSubmit={handleSubmit(onFinish)}>
<label>Title: </label>
<input {...register("title", { required: true })} />
{errors.title && <span>This field is required</span>}
<br />

<label>Status: </label>
<select {...register("status")}>
<option value="published">published</option>
<option value="draft">draft</option>
<option value="rejected">rejected</option>
<br />

<label>Content: </label>
{...register("content", { required: true })}
{errors.content && <span>This field is required</span>}
<br />

<input type="submit" value="Submit" />
{formLoading && <p>Loading</p>}

export type IStatus = "published" | "draft" | "rejected";

interface IPost {
id: number;
title: string;
content: string;
status: IStatus;