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Version: 4.xx.xx

Command Palette

Refine supports the command palette feature and use the kbar. kbar is a fully extensible cmd + k(MacOS) or ctrl + k(Linux/Windows) interface for your site.


Install the @refinedev/kbar library.

npm i @refinedev/kbar


First of all, you need to import the @refinedev/kbar library and we will use RefineKbarProvider to wrap the whole application.

After that, we should mount the RefineKbar component inside the <Refine> component.

import { RefineKbar, RefineKbarProvider } from "@refinedev/kbar";

const App: React.FC = () => {
return (
<RefineKbar />

You can click on the live preview area and test how it works with cmd + k(MacOS) or ctrl + k(Linux/Windows).


Access Control​

refine-kbar respects the access control settings of your App. To learn more about access control, please refer to the Access Control Provider section of the documentation. Also, we can use the canDelete in the resources to check the delete accessibility of the command palette.

For more information check out the source code of refine-kbar package


refine-kbar uses your resources to create default actions. Which includes; list, create, edit, show and delete. It will hide the current action of the page you are in.

Custom Actions​

If we want to add custom actions to the command palette, we can use the createAction and useRegisterActions of the refine-kbar. check the refine-finefoods example.

Also you can find more information about actions in the kbar package.

You can use the createAction to create a new action and use the useRegisterActions to register the action to the command palette.

Custom action example
import { createAction, useRegisterActions } from "@refinedev/kbar";

const customAction = createAction({
name: "my custom action",
section: "custom-actions",
perform: () => {
console.log("onSelect my custom action");
priority: Priority.HIGH,

Good to know:

Since refine-kbar exports the kbar, you use all of its features


Run on your local
npm create refine-app@latest -- --example command-palette-kbar