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Version: 4.xx.xx

Quick Start Guide

Refine works on any environment that can run React (incl. Vite, Next.js, Remix, and CRA(Legacy) etc.)

Although you could take the time to manually set up your environment and install the Refine packages afterwards, the optimal way to get started with Refine is using the Browser-based Scaffolder and CLI-based Scaffolder.

Using CLI​

Use create-refine-app to quickly bootstrap a new Refine project with lots of options to fit your needs.

npm create refine-app@latest
Example result
A Refine app created with CLI using Vite + Material UI + REST API + Custom Auth Provider

Using Browser​

Refine's browser-based scaffolder has the same set of options as the CLI-based scaffolder. It is a great way to set up a new project and have a preview of how it looks before you download it.

Next Steps​

πŸ‘‰ Jump to Tutorials and continue your work to turn your example project into a full-blown CRUD application! πŸš€

πŸ‘‰ See real-life examples built using Refine

πŸ‘‰ Check out the General Concepts and Data Fetching guides to start learning Refine.