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Version: 4.xx.xx
Swizzle Ready


This field lets you embed a link. It uses Material UI's <Typography> and Link components. You can pass a URL in its value prop and you can show a text in its place by passing any children.

Good to know:

You can swizzle this component to customize it with the Refine CLI


Let's see how we can use <UrlField> with an example:

import {
} from "@refinedev/mui";
import { DataGrid, GridColDef } from "@mui/x-data-grid";

const columns: GridColDef[] = [
{ field: "id", headerName: "ID", type: "number" },
{ field: "title", headerName: "Title", minWidth: 100, flex: 1 },
field: "image",
headerName: "Image URL",
renderCell: function render({ row }) {
return <UrlField value={row.image[0].url} />;
minWidth: 100,
flex: 1,

const PostsList: React.FC = () => {
const { dataGridProps } = useDataGrid<IPost>();

return (
<DataGrid {...dataGridProps} columns={columns} autoHeight />

interface IPost {
id: number;
title: string;
image: IImage[];

interface IImage {
url: string;

API Reference


External Props:

It also accepts all props of Material UI Link.