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Version: 4.xx.xx

Migration Guide from v4 to v5

Material UI released a new major version for @mui/x-data-grid package as v6. This document will guide you through the migration process for the Refine related parts. While this document won't cover all the changes, it will help you get started with the migration process.

Official Migration Guide:

Check out the official MUI X Migration Guide for DataGrid for detailed information and all the changes.

You can also check out the Introducing MUI X v6.0.0 blog post for more information about the new version.

The changes in the DataGrid API are included in the @refinedev/mui's latest version (v5). With this release, we've updated the peer dependency of @mui/x-data-grid to ^6.6.0.

Required Changes

The changes listed below are required to use @mui/x-data-grid with Refine. It doesn't cover all the changes in the DataGrid API. To see all the changes, please follow the official migration guide for MUI X.

Updating the packages

To use @mui/x-data-grid with version 6, @refinedev/mui must be updated to 5.x.x as well.

Since there are some changes in the return values of the useDataGrid and the common usage of the DataGrid component with TypeScript, we've also released a major release to @refinedev/inferencer package. If you're using the Inferencer package, you'll need to update it to 4.x.x as well.


We've updated the useDataGrid hook to return paginationModel and onPaginationModelChange instead of page, pageSize, onPageChange and onPageSizeChange. If you've modified these props, you'll need to update them to use the new API.

const PostList = () => {
const { dataGridProps } = useDataGrid();
- const { page, pageSize, onPageChange, onPageSizeChange, ...restDataGridProps } = dataGridProps;
+ const { paginationModel, onPaginationModelChange, ...restDataGridProps } = dataGridProps;

/* ... */
/* Your changes to use the new values */
/* ... */

return (
- page={page}
- pageSize={pageSize}
- onPageChange={onPageChange}
- onPageSizeChange={onPageSizeChange}
+ paginationModel={paginationModel}
+ onPaginationModelChange={onPaginationModelChange}

GridColumns to GridColDef[]

While updating our Material UI examples, we've encountered this issue and thought it deserves a mention here. When defining the columns for the <DataGrid>, we've used GridColumns type, with the changes in @mui/x-data-grid's last version, this type is removed and should be replaced with GridColDef array.

import React from "react";
import { List, useDataGrid } from "@refinedev/mui";

- import { DataGrid, GridColumns } from "@mui/x-data-grid";
+ import { DataGrid, GridColDef } from "@mui/x-data-grid";

import { ICategory, IPost } from "interfaces";

export const PostList: React.FC = () => {
const { dataGridProps } = useDataGrid<IPost>();

- const columns = React.useMemo<GridColumns<IPost>>(
+ const columns = React.useMemo<GridColDef<IPost>[]>(
() => [/* ... */],

return (
<DataGrid {...dataGridProps} columns={columns} autoHeight />